The Malevolent Mrs. Heatherleaf Fragrance Oil


The Malevolent Mrs. Heatherleaf is a gender neutral, unique fragrance with broad appeal. Floral and fruity top notes mingle with earthy, spicy white geranium, merging with masculine base notes of teakwood and spiced cinnamon. Evil genius, indeed!

Makers' Notes: This fragrance is a powerhouse in candles. The hot throw and cold throw allows for the subtleties of the fragrance to emerge. We do not recommend smelling this fragrance directly from the bottle or the cap, as this fragrance is concentrated to a degree that will distort the scent. Please evaluate this fragrance in a candle or diluted in a bath and body product. You may also put a small amount on a test strip and wave it toward your nose at arms length. The Malevolent Mrs. Heatherleaf is skin safe and may be used in bath and body products, as well as candles. Please see IFRA allowable percentage at the bottom of the page.

Fragrance Family: Fresh + Earthy

Top notes: Jasmin + Sweet Raspberry

Middle notes: White Geranium

Base notes: Spiced Cinnamon + Teakwood

Our fragrances are skin safe, cruelty free, phthalate free, paraben free, vegan, and non-carcinogenic.

Performance in candles: All Sixteen Seventeen fragrances are tried, tested, and true. The Malevolent Mrs. Heatherleaf burns perfectly and does not cause any wick clogging or performance issues.

Recommended 8% to 12% in candles

IFRA Allowable Usage:

Up to 16.44% in soap

Up to 4.05% in lotion

Usage: To see the allowable percentages for all other products, please view our IFRA link below.

SDS Data Sheet

IFRA Allowable Percentages