Perfume Making Kit

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Do you want to make luxury perfume at home but don't know where to start? Create magnificent, professional parfum, eau de toilette, room + body mists with our Perfume Making Kit! Our all-in-one kit includes everything that you need to easily create your ideal fragrance with minimal effort.  

Kit contains: 

16 oz bottle of Premium Perfumer's Alcohol

(4) Gold Sophia Glass Spray Bottles

(2) Fragrance Sampler Trios (pick your faves) 

Use: The strength of the fragrance formulation may be determined by the artisan. In-house testing concluded that 25%-30% fragrance oil was ideal for parfum, 15%-20% eau de parfum, and 10% to 15% eau de toilette. Testing at a variety of fragrance loads is suggested. Simply add the desired amount of fragrance and perfumer's alcohol to a bottle, shake well, and enjoy. (For external use only).

Always check the IFRA information of your fragrance oils to make sure they're safe to use at these percentages. Please note that the following 16/17 Fragrances cannot be used in perfumes at 10%-20% due to IFRA restrictions:  

Lucky Albatross maximum fragrance load in perfume is 12.82%

Grand Dommé maximum fragrance load in perfume is 9.99%

The Malevolent Mrs. Heatherleaf maximum fragrance load in perfume is 16.78%

 SDS Premium Perfumer's Alcohol

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