Copper Prism

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Copper Prism is truly unique. Translucent orange with hints of peach and gold, this glass is perfect for summer and fall. A thick, heavy sham lends elegance to this fun glass. Stunning as a set, (and adored individually), Copper Prism is a petite blast of color in any room.

Sold as single units. Mix and match your colors of the rainbow!

Recommended Fill: 8 oz

Height: 4 inches

Diameter: 2.75 inches

Empty Weight: 13 oz

We recommend to begin testing with our CDN 5 or CDN 6 using any of our waxes. Please remember that your fragrance oil will affect your wicking. You may need to size up or down depending on your fragrance oil choice.

Customer Reviews

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Sandra Gonzales
Beautiful and Classy

I absolutely love these beautifully colored glass candle vessels. I purchased 5 different colors and they do not disappoint .

Evelyn Humphries
Copper prism

The copper prism vessels are beyond beautiful. They exude elegant and sophistication!! I can’t wait to create in them.

Gretchen hawthorne
These are all beautiful

I bought all the colors to do a astrological sign candles or even chakra candles they are beautiful, well made glass. I'm testing a CDN 6 now I tried the CDN 5 but it didnt give me clean sides that I want for my brand. So far the CDN 6 is starting off much better.

Eilleen Cortes

I love them!!!!!

Urban Loft Candle Co.
Prism collection doesn't disappoint!

As I write that review title I think I have said that about 16/17 in the past. The Prism collection is no different. WOWZA! It is great - the colors, size, weight, shape, and quality are fantastic. We ordered samples of Copper, Citron, and Lapis and in person, the colors are bolder than they appear online - that is not a negative - the boldness adds to the striking character of these vessels. We ordered the copper for a corporate client and I think it will sell itself. So beautiful and on-brand for this client. We are pouring the tests today and I suspect that with any of the 16/17 vessels it will be a positive experience. Thank you 16/17 for always delivering the best products and service in the maker space market.