Opera 12 oz Stemless


Opera in matte black is a stunning stemless glass, boasting fluid lines and elegant curves. This graceful beauty is unique and exclusive, and will define any candle line as upscale. A night at the opera, indeed!

Opera should be single wicked and you will see changes in the burn as the candle passes through various diameters of the jar. This is completely normal, just make sure that, as with any wick set-up, the exterior of the jar never exceeds 175 Fahrenheit, as per ASTM standards. Pro tip: Do not fill all the way to the top. By pouring the candle a bit shorter, you will have a more homogenous burn. Using any of our waxes, we recommend to begin testing with CDN 6, CDN 7 and CDN 8.

For wick centering and stabilizing, we recommend our 'West Coast Medium' Wik_Kit.

Height: 4.5 inches

Top Diameter: 2.875 inches

Widest Diameter (middle): 3.5 inches

Customer Reviews

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Amanda H

The candle glasses are very beautiful, hold a decent amount of wax, and feel well-made. Definitely buying more.

First impressions

Ordered the Opera as soon as they were available and received today. Absolutely stunning, sleek, modern and does not disappoint. Will test and will be ordering more. 1617 definitely a favorite to order wax, containers and wicks.