Maker's Neutral Bundle 22% Off

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Love neutral hues? Make our gorgeous Fawn Evermore cylinders using our extraordinary No. 3 wax and fragrance of your choice. This bundle contains everything you need to make 5 Evermore vessels, and includes handcrafted wood lids. Winning!

Bundle Includes:

5 lbs No. 3 Coconut Wax

(5) Evermore cylinders in Fawn Matte

(5)  Dark Stained Oak Wood Lids

(1) Pack of 10 CDN size 3 wicks

(1) 100 Pack of Wick Stickers

4 Inch wick centering + stabilizing tools

(1) 8 oz fragrance oil of your choice

Our Recipe Using a 10% Fragrance Load:

11.7 oz of wax per vessel

1.3 oz fragrance oil per vessel

2 CDN size 3 wicks

Each candle will have a net weight of 13 oz total, wax and fragrance oil combined. You will use 11.7 oz of wax and 1.3 oz of fragrance oil.

Melt wax until temperature reaches 205-220 F. Please remember to never walk away from wax while it's close to a heat source! While wax is melting, clean the interior of the vessels. Peel and stick the wick stickers to the bottom of the wick tabs, being careful not to touch directly with your fingers, (dirt and oil from fingers can make the stickers less effective). Use the wick centering tool to place two CDN size 3 wicks in the bottom of the Evermore vessel. Remove centering tool and stabilize the wicks with the wick stabilizing top.

Next, measure your fragrance oil. For a 10% fragrance load, measure 1.3 oz of fragrance per vessel and set aside. 

When the wax is between 205 and 220 F, extract from melting pot into a pouring pitcher. Add fragrance oil immediately and stir for about 20 seconds. Pour into vessel without waiting for the wax to cool.

Let your candle set up overnight before removing the stabilizing top and trimming the wicks to approximately 1/4 inch. We always recommend curing your candles for 7-14 days, however, your wick testing can begin immediately. The wicking with our waxes will not change during the curing cycle, however, the hot throw will become stronger after 7 days.

You may cure with the lid off or on. The lid will help keep dust out, but does not affect the curing process.