Luxe Coconut-Apricot Wax

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Our Luxe Coconut-Apricot wax (Ceda Serica) is the pinnacle of perfection. This luxury wax delivers smooth tops every time, excellent fragrance throw, and great adhesion. Made from renewable sources, this blend is comprised of coconut wax, apricot wax, and a small amount of food-grade paraffin. Our Luxe wax is a beautiful bright white color, and is a favorite among makers.

Luxe Coconut-Apricot needs small wicks, (we recommend our CDN wick series), and a 2 week cure for a developed hot throw.

We recommend heating slightly past 200 degrees F, and adding fragrance oil no lower than 200 degrees. These higher temps help the wax and the fragrance oil to bind. You will not burn off your fragrance oil, regardless of flashpoint, (this is a myth). You only need to stir your fragrance oil for about 20 second and pour immediately. Recommended pouring temp is around 185 F, although this wax can be poured hotter or cooler without issue.

Fragrance Load: Luxe Coconut-Apricot can accommodate a fragrance load of 10% to 12% with MOST fragrance oils. Please conduct your own testing to ensure candle safety, as each fragrance oil may behave differently.

Melt Point: 125-130 degrees F.

Flash Point: 415 degrees F.

OSHA HAZARD COMMUNICATION STANDARD: This material is not considered hazardous in accordance with OSHA HazCom 2012, 29 CFR 1910.1200.

Customer Reviews

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Lauren Jackson
Love it

Very soft luxurious wax that makes it easy to work with, burns great!

Kandy Hansard
A beautiful wax

This is a super wax that gives smooth as glass tops and is very easy to work with. I really like the higher melting point and the short blending time with fragrance oils. Very hard to wait for the 2 week curing time (but it has to be that way)! The hot throw is dependent upon the fragrance oil used and of course wicking. I use the new Stabilo (CDN) wicks which seem perfect for this wax. At this time, this is and will be my go to wax. Note: I make candles for myself and as gifts, so no business involvement.

Luxe Coconut Apricot Wax

I love coconut apricot wax and use it for all of my candles. I really appriciate the effort Vanessa put into her blog post "Are You New To Candle Making?" that was a great read!
I have purchased a punch of wicks from 16/17 which have all been great. Would love to see them carry a larger variety of wicks I'd purchase all my wicks from here if that was the case. I have also purchased the 45lbs of coconut apricot wax not that long ago. It's mid-summer and I live in AZ so it's really HOT here but hot in most places as well. The wax did not have any heat protectant material. Being a small business owner myself I know there's only so much you can do and once its in the shipping companies hands you can't do anything but what we can do is use some heat protectant matieral to help eliminate some melting. I have found great success with heat protectant bubble wrap and the feedback I receive is nothing has melted. Especially Coconut Apricot since it's so creamy, to begin with. My wax was extremely melted when it arrived and was seeping through the box all over. It was a mess to clean up and put into another container and I did lose some wax due to it melting. That is the only thing I wish was done differently. I will continue to purchase from 16/17 but will have to see if there's anything we can do differently if I purchase more wax.

Thank you, Lauren, for letting us know you had some difficulty with your case of wax. Please reach out to and let's see if we can make this right for you.

Coconut Apricot Wax

Lovely wax with nice smooth tops. Nice scent throw. Makes a nice luxury looking candles.

Leslie Tomasulo
Not sure yet

I followed the recommended instructions for melting, adding fragrance oil, and pouring but when I added my FO I noticed what looked like bubbles in the melted wax on the bottom of my pitcher. It was actually my FO in little beads. It didn't mix in with the wax. I poured it my vessels and after 2 days I have absolutely no CT. The wax pours beautifully, glass adhesion was fine, and the tops were perfect. Im going to wait the full 2 weeks to burn but I'm not a anticipating a HT if I have no CT.

Hi Leslie,
Thanks for your review. Please reach out to
I'm wondering if we could help you trouble shoot this issue.