Gold Limited Edition: Angled Metal Candle Container

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This handmade, limited edition metal bowl is spectacular. Shiny, reflective gold beautifully glows as your triple-wick candle burns. The unique angle of this metal bowl provides an upscale, exotic element. Unmatched design and materials make this limited edition bowl truly special.

NOTE: This is a handmade item. Blemishes and variations are normal. Differences in size and angle of the bowl are normal. Variations of the finish are normal. NO  RETURNS OR EXCHANGES.

Height: 3 inches approximately

Outer Diameter: 4.125 inches approximately

Inner Diameter: 4 inches approximately

Weight: 7.4 oz

Recommended Fill: 12-14 oz

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Love these vessel's

It was easiest using a wooden wick for these. Perfect container definitely purchasing more.


I absolutely love the look of the vessels. This would be a limited addition that I add to my line. The only downside is the outside temp which is expected for a metal container.

Not sellable

These are a little bit better than the black ones but still not able to add to my line. Some have rusted dots others are scratched. Not happy with this purchase, do not recommend.

Beautiful piece

I love these and my clients love the look. They do get hot which is normal for metal containers. I use 3 CDN 2 wicks and got a great burn. I had to be creative to keep my wicks upright because of the angle I just cut them and once the wax hardened I pulled them straight and took a heat gun to ge rid of the Mark's it made from moving the wax. I sold a couple the first day I posted. I do add Crystal's and a small amount of florals to the edges and it burned perfectly. I love how beautiful these are