Fragrance Oil Sample Trio

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Save 20% with our Fragrance Oil Sample Trio.

Sample three alluring fragrance oils with our Fragrance Oil Sample Trio in 1 oz sizes.

Trio Includes:

Florencia 1 oz

Mojave 1 oz

Calle 23 1 oz

All 16/17 fragrances are perfume grade and are cruelty free, phthalate free, paraben free, non-carcinogenic, and vegan.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Shawn Conner

I’m not sure where these ppl got their noses from but all 3 of these fragrances are amazing and strong in my igi 6006 wax I’m burning Mojave now and my entire house is filled with amazingness

Soraya Stevens
Well-mixed, complex scents

I thought all 3 scents were elegant and distinctive. My favorite was Florencia. I don't like roses but this scent is kind of intoxicating, really beautiful.

Felecia Hunter-Burnett

I received my fragrance trio sample kit and all I can say is, "you nailed it!" All three scents are beautiful, elevated and luxurious! I love them so much that I put a little on my inner wrist so I can smell it all day! Thank you, sixteenseventeen these scents will help me in relaunching my brand as the luxury brand I envisioned!

Tierra Rice

Mojave doesn’t smell too appealing in the bottle but when you burn it… IT SMELLS AMAZING!!! So luxury! It’s my favorite one.

Eric LeSure

My favorite of the three is Florencia which is surprising. I typically don't go for rose/floral fragrances but Florencia is AMAZING. The other two left much to be desired. I thought they would be great based on the notes but I was wrong. I will be adding Florencia to my luxury candle collection.