5.24 inch Clear Plastic Lids


Sold in a pack of 10 units.

These lids are designed for our XL Jarand measures 5.24 inches diameter with a 0.47 inch lip. Thickness is .018 inches or 0.45 mm. See schematic picture for more details, as these lids may fit other jars not sold by Sixteen Seventeen.

Our clear plastic lids are perfect for your designer candle creations. Custom made by Sixteen Seventeen, our clear plastic covers are an excellent solution for candle vessels that do not have a matching lid. Please note that we do not recommend picking the jar up by the lid. There is no rubber seal on our clear plastic lids.

Environmental Information: Our clear plastic lids are made of A-PET plastic, which is non-toxic, 100% recyclable, and environmentally friendly. If incinerated, A-PET combusts completely, creating only water and carbon dioxide.