Egomaniacal Green Fragrance Oil


Fresh, aromatic, and Oh-So-Green, this extremely unique fragrance boasts notes of Calamus, Ozone, and Petrichor. A complex blend of fresh, clean, and bright green grasses mingle with ozone and earth, like the aroma of the first rain after a long, hot summer. Egomaniacal Green is our freshest and greenest fragrance yet! For a perfect vessel pairing, try our Starboard Hand Blown Vessel.

Fragrance Family: Clean + Fresh

Top note: Calamus

Middle note: Ozone

Base note: Petrichor

Our fragrances are skin safe, cruelty free, phthalate free, paraben free, vegan, and non-carcinogenic.

Performance in candles: All Sixteen Seventeen fragrances are tried, tested, and true. Egomaniacal Green burns perfectly and does not cause any wick clogging or performance issues.

Performance in Cold Process: No discoloration, no acceleration, no ricing, no separation, good scent retention. Tested by Nudie Bar Soap Co.

Performance in Liquid Soap: No discoloration, moderate thickening, no scent morphing.

Recommended 8% to 12% in candles

IFRA Allowable Usage:

Up to 30% in soap

Up to 30.76% in lotion

Up to 30.76 in fragrance

Usage: To see the allowable percentages for all other products, please view our IFRA link below.

Egomaniacal Green IFRA

Egomaniacal Green SDS