Grey Concrete Bowl + Lid


The Copenhagen concrete bowl is an understated masterpiece. Incredibly smooth to the touch and light weight, it's thick, sturdy walls, make it as practical as it is beautiful. This concrete stunner is easy to wick and hides adhesion issues. 

PLEASE READ---Embrace the natural beauty of this jar! This is a handmade jar. Variations are normal. Natural blemishes may be present. You may see paint variations on the exterior bottom. You may notice a white ring in the bottom of the jar. This is a waterproofing agent that prevents leakage. This treatment is liberally applied by hand with a brush. Brush marks may be visible on the inside walls of the jar. They will not be visible once you pour your wax. No returns or exchanges allowed. 


Exterior Diameter: 5.125 inches

Interior Diameter: 4.375 inches

Height: 2.625 inches

Height with Lid: 3 inches

Fill: We comfortably fill to 13 oz

Weight of Empty Container: 17.37 oz

Wick Recommendations:

Tested with Soy Bliss Wax, 3 CDN size 3 wicks worked best with most fragrance oils.

Customer Reviews

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Paula Wilson
Pure bliss!

What a major score!!! Love this concrete, elegant addition to my stock supply. I see a very promising future with this vessel. Love it!

Living Fire Candle Co.

Doreen Schibbelhute

These containers were great, paint job on some of them could be better so I will be repainting them. Otherwise love them!

cornisha jackson
beautiful vessel

When I purchased this vessel I wanted to test a concrete vessel bc I had never used concrete or a 3 wick vessel, it was just for my own enjoyment... I have fallen in love.. I will be buying more to test and most likely be adding these to my brand.. great purchase.. Works great with triple CDN 3 wick and VCS wax.

Michelle sandoval
beautiful vases

i love the look it gives

Urban Loft Candle Co.

The Copenhagen is everything that you expect from 16/17 - a quality vessel that is well suited for a candle. We are testing this vessel and I have to say that by far the performance of this vessel outshines everything else we have tested...even our mainline jar. The performance of the candle from the wicking, flame, and hot throw are all 10 out of 10 on our scale. I give all the credit to the vessel. We used Pearl wax with 8.5% FL and three CDN3 wicks. It was a mic drop moment for us. Thank you 16/17 for giving us such a wonderful vessel to work with. (Side note: We also are testing the Evermore and again it rocks as well)