Coconut-Soy Pearl Wax


Our Coconut-Soy Pearl wax (EC-26) is a favorite among makers. This wax delivers smooth tops every time, a fantastic hot throw, and excellent adhesion. Primarily comprised of coconut wax, this blend incorporates soy for a higher melt point, and a very small amount of food-grade paraffin to assist with a smooth, even, and clean burn. This wax is made in the USA, non-toxic and derived from renewable sources.

Coconut-Soy Pearl needs small wicks, (we recommend our CDN wick series), and a 2 week cure for a developed hot throw.

We recommend heating slightly past 200 degrees F, and adding fragrance oil no lower than 200 degrees. These higher temps help the wax and the fragrance oil to bind. You will not burn off your fragrance oil, regardless of flashpoint, (this is a myth). You only need to stir your fragrance oil for about 20 second and pour immediately. Recommended pouring temp is around 185 F, although this wax can be poured hotter or cooler without issue.

Fragrance Load: Coconut-Soy Pearl can accommodate a fragrance load of 10% to 12% with MOST fragrance oils. Please conduct your own testing to ensure candle safety, as each fragrance oil may behave differently.

Melt Point: 125-130 degrees F.

Flash Point: 415 degrees F.

OSHA HAZARD COMMUNICATION STANDARD: This material is not considered hazardous in accordance with OSHA HazCom 2012, 29 CFR 1910.1200.

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Touched By Tasha
It’s the wax for me !!!

The coconut soy wax works very well for my candles No sink holes and smooth tops every time .

Toisha Washington
Creamy.. Luxe..Wax!!!

I absolutely love this wax. It has an amazing scent throw-hot & cold! Cure time is definitely shortened because of the perfect Coco to Soy ratio. I will never use another type of wax. But most of all, 16/17 has great customer service; their handwritten “Thank You” notes on the packing slips are appreciated! Thank YOU!

keith mitchell
absolutely amazing wax. it's basically oil!

The best stuff on the market! Is California the on place where it's made?

Doug Schafer
Wow great HT

My 1st candle using this wax in a Evermore container. I followed the instructions exactly using 2 CdN 2’s and I’m blown away. I had the candle in my upstairs bedroom and can smell it walking in the house from the garage. Test poured a bunch of other containers today…

Moriah D

Absolutely love this wax. I’ve been trying to find a wax that I love and is also efficient and this is it. It’s truly a one pour and burned perfect with my wicks and FO’s on my first try. So glad I ordered this and will order again! Thank you!