Clear Evermore Cylinder


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Elegant and refined, our clear Evermore cylinder is the pinnacle of understated grace. Thick, crystal clear glass, with a heavy base, Evermore is an essential vessel for every line.

Recommended fill is 13 oz, although many makers prefer 14 oz.

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View our wick centering + stabilizing tool for Evermore Cylinders.

Evermore cylinders are reusable and upcycleable. Take care not to scrape the paint when cleaning the vessel.

Wicking Info: Tested with waxes No. 3, No. 7, and No. 9, we liked (2) CDN size 3 wicks best. Tested with our No. 1 wax, we recommend (2) CDN size 4 wicks. The fragrance oil you choose may effect your wicking. Please perform your own wick testing for safety and performance.


4 inches height (exterior)

3.625 inches height (interior)

4 inches diameter (exterior)

3.625 inches diameter (interior)

Recommended Fill: 13 to 14 oz 

Weight of empty glass: 17.5 oz