Charcoal Concrete Bowl + Lid


The Copenhagen concrete bowl is an understated masterpiece. Incredibly smooth to the touch and light weight, it's thick, sturdy walls, make it as practical as it is beautiful. This concrete stunner is easy to wick and hides adhesion issues. 

PLEASE READ---Embrace the natural beauty of this jar! This is a handmade jar. Variations are normal. Natural blemishes may be present. You may see paint variations on the exterior bottom. You may notice a white ring in the bottom of the jar. This is a waterproofing agent that prevents leakage. This treatment is liberally applied by hand with a brush. Brush marks may be visible on the inside walls of the jar. They will not be visible once you pour your wax. No returns or exchanges allowed. 


Exterior Diameter: 5.125 inches

Interior Diameter: 4.375 inches

Height: 2.625 inches

Height with Lid: 3 inches

Fill: We comfortably fill to 13 oz

Weight of Empty Container: 17.37 oz

Wick Recommendations:

Tested with Soy Bliss Wax, 3 CDN size 3 wicks, worked best. If using  the Luxe Wax or the Pearl wax, similar wicking is suggested. If you feel that you are not getting a full melt pool quickly enough, due to the low profile of the jar, you may use 4 wicks of a smaller size. For example, 4 CDN size 2 wicks.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Love this color

Everything was perfect they are beautiful, the only thing I didnt like was the inside was sloppy done with sealant It was heavy white on the bottom with 1 area black. The sealant was so thick. So if the customer wanted to re use it the inside was not done like the other colors, and it was on 3 of the ones I ordered and made candles with because I had to get the orders out

Copenhagen vessels

Love them in every way. Look beautiful. Just the right size for patios and porches this summer. I already placed my second order. When others use them I am afraid you will sell out so I better get more while I can.


Fits well in any room and any decor style. The Copenhagen line of vessels are my personal favorite!


As soon as I opened the box I immediately knew that this Concrete bowl + lid was what I wanted to use to start a new candle line. They are perfect and the black is a nice dark charcoal. Will be stocking up very soon.

F***ing Fabulous

I’m so glad she took my recommendation on making a charcoal gray/black vessel. It allowed me to create a candle I’ve been wanting to create for a VERY long time! You guys f***ing rock!