Size 6 CDN Wicks - 6 In.


CDN wicks are wonderful for Natural Wax Blends. Treated with a second mineral salt bath, they tend to burn cooler than CD wicks in most waxes. CDN wicks curl to an approximate 30 degree angle, while CD wicks curl to a 90 degree angle. The lesser angle of the CDN wick tends to create a flame with a smaller base. These wicks are wonderful for nuanced wicking issues, allowing for a truly perfect burn.

Our CDN wicks are coated with 210 degree paraffin wax, which means that the wick will not be rendered raw when pouring at hot temperatures. This wick has a wide 20 mm base and a 6 mm safety neck. 

Customer Reviews

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Leia Ali

These were perfect for the Prism candle vessel.

Kinyatta Lewis
Great Wicks!!!

I ordered these and the size 2 wicks. They work really well with the coco apricot crème wax. I can't decide which wicks to go with. But, I will be ordering again really soon once I make my decision. I'm so happy to have found you guys. Because I didn't know what wicks to go with. I have been conducting a lot of burn test trying to figure out what wicks to use. They don't soot or mushroom at all with 16 Oz tin containers.

Anne Downing
In the twinkling of an eye💫

My order made it to Canada quicker than ordering from Canadian suppliers. I am grateful for your website and YouTube videos which are a wealth of information for new candle makers. The CDN wicks work harmoniously with Coconut Apricot wax and my new Monaco Vessels are FAB. I look forward to making future candle creations with you.
Namaste 1617 🕉

Sasquatch Candle Co

Love these CDN wicks! Exactly as described and testing went exactly as I expected. Thanks Sixteen Seventeen!

Shailee Parikh
Absolutely love it

I am in love with these wicks. After trying CD, ECO, HTP, Wooden wicks, I decided to try these and this was the best decision I made. They make my candles burn longer, the smaller melt pools make the jar very comfortable to hold (while it's not recommended doing that) plus an amazing hot throw. I can go on and on but these are by far the best wick for my wax blend of Coco apricot and soy