Size 4 CDN Wicks - 6 In.


CDN wicks are wonderful for Natural Wax Blends. Treated with a second mineral salt bath, they tend to burn cooler than CD wicks in most waxes. CDN wicks curl to an approximate 30 degree angle, while CD wicks curl to a 90 degree angle. The lesser angle of the CDN wick tends to create a flame with a smaller base. These wicks are wonderful for nuanced wicking issues, allowing for a truly perfect burn.

Our CDN wicks are coated with 210 degree paraffin wax, which means that the wick will not be rendered raw when pouring at hot temperatures. This wick has a wide 20 mm base and a 6 mm safety neck. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Laura Jimenez
Love the cdn wicks

After testing I completely switched it from CD to CDN love the wicks and the customer service

Love these!

I double and/or triple wick most of my candles and find these wicks fabulous in many of my 3”-3.5” containers. A staple for any candlemakers shop!

Joy Pierre
So good!

I just started testing CDN wicks in my CNUT 83 blend far I'm loving these wicks. Love the nice flame and how even and slow they burn. Definitely the best in my wax blend so far.

Connie C
Perfect for the Evermore!

Thank you Vanessa and the 16/17 fam for the CDN wick series! I am so grateful for a clean burning wick. After testing I feel the CDN4 to be the perfect double wicking size for the Evermore (the most elegant vessel on the face of the earth). As another reviewer noted, I can single wick smaller vessels as well. I love these wicks!

Urban Loft Candle Co.
CDN Series is the way to go

We now keep the CDN series of wicks in stock as they are our baseline wick for Coconut-Soy Pearl wax. Excellent for multi-wick applications as well as single wicking smaller vessels. Thank you, Vanessa and SixteenSeventeen for this game-changer of a wick!