Size 3 CDN Wicks - 6 In.

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CDN wicks are wonderful for Natural Wax Blends. Treated with a second mineral salt bath, they tend to burn cooler than CD wicks in most waxes. CDN wicks curl to an approximate 30 degree angle, while CD wicks curl to a 90 degree angle. The lesser angle of the CDN wick tends to create a flame with a smaller base. These wicks are wonderful for nuanced wicking issues, allowing for a truly perfect burn.

Our CDN wicks are coated with 210 degree paraffin wax, which means that the wick will not be rendered raw when pouring at hot temperatures. This wick has a wide 20 mm base and a 6 mm safety neck. 

Customer Reviews

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Ana Lopez

I like this wick iuse it with coconut apricote wax and work . Finally Iam making some progress here.

O Naturals
Great Wicks

I received the CDN Wicks and they worked wonderfully in my coco apricot wax and smaller jars. There was no mushrooming and they were a nice even burn.
I also tested them in a combination of coco apricot and sp467 they did great

Sylvia Johnson
Sleek and Elegant

These wicks are perfect for soft waxes. You aren't going to believe how well they work! I can only find these wicks here! I don't have a good relationship with wicks. They hate me. I hate them. I almost gave up until I found these wicks. Perfect flame and wick pool.

Sabine Sylla

These CDN wicks work wonderfully!! I double wicked my jars, and I have no complaints!!!! Thank u soooo much!

Tamela McFarland
CDN Wicks

So sorry to leave a bad review, I Love them, but they are extremely too Little!!
The wax just Drowns out the flames..I CANNOT use them. I Love Vanessa, Customer Service is just Wonderful❤
Since I cannot return them, I'm scared to order another size and it don't work either!! I use Virgin Coconut Soy Wax in a 3.375 Width Vessel and I double wicked, but they are just too Small❤

Hi Tamela,
We're so sorry the CDN wicks are giving you trouble! Some fragrance oils require you to wick up (beyond our published recommendations). Feel free to call our office if you want to have us help you trouble shoot!
Team 16/17