Black Pine Wood Lid (Large)


Say yes to good drama! Our black slate stained pine lid is the perfect finishing touch to any of our Evermore vessels. An individually applied hand stain allows the natural grain of the wood to show through, offering a sleek vibe to this natural lid. 16/17 wood lids are 100% Made in the USA from sustainably harvested wood, handcrafted, and of exceptional quality. A tightly fitting gasket ensures a snug fit. 

Our wood lids are thick cut, resulting in a sophisticated, polished look for your candle creations.


105 mm top diameter

97 mm bottom diameter

10 mm external height/thickness (this is the height of the wood lid that is visible above the lip of the vessel)

9 mm internal height (this is how far down into the vessel the wood lid will sit)

Please extinguish the candle flame before placing the lid on the candle.