Cashmere Evermore Cylinder


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Our Evermore in Cashmere is a unique blend of cream and beige that we created with the help of a master paint blender, and is exclusive to Sixteen Seventeen. An electroplated silver rim adds a subtle pop of glamour to this timeless cylinder, and its perfect symmetry makes wicking a breeze.

View our wood lids for Evermore cylinders.

Evermore cylinders are reusable and upcycleable. Take care not to scrape interior paint when removing wax.

Wicking Info: Tested with our Coconut-Soy Pearl, we liked 2 CDN size 3 or 4 wicks best. The fragrance oil you choose may effect your wicking. Please perform your own wick testing for safety and performance.


4.13 inches height (exterior)/10.5 cm height (exterior)

4.13 inches diameter (exterior)/10.5 cm diameter (exterior)

3.75 inches height (interior)/9.5 cm height (interior)

3.93 inches diameter (interior)/10 cm diameter (interior)

Recommended Fill: 13 to 14 oz 

Weight of empty glass: 17.5 oz

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Quality, Performance & Style

Simply an elegant vessel that performs well and is the quality that you expect from 16/17. We are waiting for the new colors to come out as this may replace our large size jar. When I say performs well, it is easy to wick, the flame is perfect and the hot throw is awesome - the success of all of these is clearly the vessel.