Aubergine Gloss Evermore Cylinder


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'Aubergine' is elevated, opulent and stately. The most dramatic color in our Roses Collection,  Aubergine is so loved that we produced it in both a gloss finish and a matte finish. This gorgeous gloss interior provides a modern vibe to this classic cylinder.

We offer wood lids for a polished finish.

Evermore cylinders are reusable and upcycleable. Take care not to scrape or scratch the interior paint when handling and cleaning.

Wicking Info: Tested with our Coconut-Soy Pearl, we liked 2 CDN size 3 or 4 wicks best. Note that the fragrance oil you choose can effect your wicking. Please perform your own wick testing for safety and performance.


4.13 inches height (exterior)

4.13 inches diameter (exterior)

3.75 inches height (interior)

3.93 inches diameter (interior)

Recommended Fill: 13 to 14 oz 

Weight of empty glass: 17.5 oz

Customer Reviews

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Shai Shai
Does not look like the photo.

I tried so hard to love this but in person it looks like a dull dusty shade of purple. I came to the website to make sure I didn't get sent the chestnut brown because in the dark it looks dark brown. In the light it is definitely not the reddish purple eggplant resemblance I was expecting. I'm not trying to be harsh but burgundy's and purples are my favorite colors and this one is a little disappointing.