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The Flower Bundle

Well ladies and gentlemen you have out done yourself on the Bundle fragrance collection. I cant tell you how excited I was to receive this. And let's mention the price WOW I jumped on that right away. I have the bottles displayed in my cabinet, like they were trophy's and the three new fragrance are amazing you never disappoint Thank you so very much to you and all of your staff you make me feel like part of your family so again thank you and please keep the new fragrance's coming.
Cheers from the cold North Toronto


Love these vessels wish they were keeping them.


I love these bottles . They are so beautiful … my customers loved them. I was scared about the spray top because i recently bought some different bottles and it didn’t work well. BUT THEEEESE . Omggg they spray so beautifully and they work wonderful !!

Silent Film Star
Carla Hairston

Silent Film star is even more gorgeous in person! I am so in love, I will be sad to sell it. The passion prints are not just candle vessles they are all truly works of art. Each one I get I think this is the most beautiful glass I have ever seen.....and I have seen a lot of blown glass art, even have some of my own. SILENT FILM STAR has multiple layers and each angle you look at it is different, sophisticated and mesmerizing. The white really pops once you fill it with wax. My friends are fighting over it and are begging me not to put the ones I have in my shop because they want them in theirs! For the first time I am trying to figure out how to shrink my own logo and Label! You will love these and so will your customers.


These are all high quality fragrances, still testing them for candles, will try in a room spray as well. Well done!

My favorite!

I loved this one right out of the bottle. However, after putting it on a test strip I loved it even more. This FO is a very sensual fragrance in my opinion. A bit gourmand but definitely more floral to my nose. It's just a sexy, yummy scent. A candle I would probably light for date night. I can't wait to test burn this one and really smell it!

Wow! Wasn't expecting this.

Out of the bottle this FO is very strong and hard to differentiate the scents. It wasn't until I put this on a test strip that I could really smell the individual notes coming through. When I smelled it out of the bottle I honestly didn't like it very much. However, after smelling it on a test strip (as recommended), I loved it. I plan on using it in a tester candle to test its CT and HT. I'm looking for scents for my core collection, and this one just might make the cut! It's a beautiful sweet, floral scent with subtle masculine notes. I don't know how to quite explain it but it smells amazing. I'm so glad I gave it a chance, and I'm really looking forward to burning this one. It would make an amazing perfume! Give it a chance!

Awesome vessel

We are excited to add these to our addition. Every jar was inspected and there was no damage. Very nice vessels to stock our shelves.

Lemon evermore vessel

The lemon evermore vessel I made to go with my lemon candle for a coworker went very well. Now I need to buy more, I have several orders from coworkers. Love the vessel

I love the Tangerine Jar

I love the Tangerine Jar, in fact I love the whole collection and I will be very sad if 16/17 doesn’t continue to carry them. My whole line is based on this beautiful and colorful jars, check them out here

Amazing luxurious liquid soap

I love it classy and fragrance now additional to my collection .

Honestly the best

Since I’ve started candle making, I’ve tried several different methods and waxes, and honestly the #3 is the best especially for beginners. It’s almost too easy in a sense. There is nothing more satisfying than a candle that smells good cold or hot. I’ve settled on this wax, and I’ve been following the 16/17 method(key thing)with the Evermore Cylinders and I get consistent results. My clients love my candles they typically purchase 2/3 at a time seriously. So I’m here for the #3 I have not experienced nothing comparable. My only issue which is minor, I must order during cooler times because sometimes it’s a little melted by the time it reaches me which is usually a week or so after ordering but no big deal. As I’ve said I’m fairly new to candle making (7 months) so this is a lesson going forward.

Sorry to see it go.

Love these jars, very sad to see them go.


These vessels are perfect. Just the right size, nice lids and I love the Frosted look!


Wow is this jar pretty in person!! It's bright and bold with a hint of gold glitter.


This jar has a stunningly beautiful glitter to it in person. I highly recommend!

Virgin Jungle Fragrance Oil
Stone Mansion, Gulcihan Dincer Koksoken
Extraordinarily impressive fragrance.

The most wonderful, unique classy fragrance I have ever purchased from you. “Vırgin Jungle’ is the number one scent for me... Amazing cold throw with Soy 10 wax with double wick CDN 3 in a Obsidian Evermore Cylinder. I need another week for the test burn. Definitely I am planning to give another order. Very successful fragrance, congratulations!..

Amazing bundle!! Love everything! The jars are so cute and words. Only wish there was a wax option for #3.

Arabesque Candle Glass
Melissa Eckles

I love these vessels. They are a beautiful addition to my line. I would love to see these in blue as well! Definitely going to buy more.

This is my new favorite

Put into wax and burning now. This is my new favorite. I bought this as part of a sampler bundle. Hot throw is beyond belief. I need this in my life. I want to try in bath & body products. I am in love.


Purchased all of the sample bundles and just put this into wax. The cold throw is absolutely wonderful. I can smell it throughout the entire house. Will definitely reorder a larger bottle.

Sassy and sophisticated

This is a seductive but wild sent. Perfect for my Ladies Lounge

Please keep forever.

I have tested a lot of different waxes but this is by far my most favorite. I have excellent cold and hot throw. I will not switch to any other wax again

Love these wicks!!

These wicks are my go to. They burn clean and the hot throw from my candles is amazing with these wicks.

Grand Domme

I ordered the Grand Domme fragrance, but I wasn't pleased with the smell. It smells like armpits; sweaty, out in the sun all day armpits. I wish I had ordered a sample before purchasing the 16 oz. Shipping was fast but not happy with the fragrance itself, hence 2 stars.