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I am so happy that there is an option for the glossy evermore with the rims. I feel like it completes the vessel nicely.


Wasn't sure about this straight out of the bottle, but it definitely grew on me with time. The first time I smelled it I felt like my nose got punched in the face. :) It is very potent. CT is very strong.

It smells like an upscale, high-end floral perfume, without being too "old" or sickly floral. There's depth. I'm not a huge floral person and I like it. It also did not aggravate my asthma like some cheap FOs do.

Black and gold vessels

Several of my Jars were broken when I received my package. However, the vessels are beautifully made.

Thank you, Justin, for your review. We are sorry to hear that there was some breakage in transit. We are having our customer service team reach out to you for resolution.
Team 16/17


This is my second time purchasing the flawless vessels. I like the fact that they look expensive and can be repurposed.
They are a big hit with my customers.


I absolutely love these jars. They are the perfect shade of red for the holiday season, and any time of year! I’m so sad they are sold out, I missed buying them for the Black Friday sale! Please please please restock these, I want them year around for my candle collection.


I'm confused by the reviews on this. What I received is a very muddled, earthy vaguely garbage like scent with some sweetness. I normally wouldn't make it into a candle but thought it would change after curing. No luck. Trouble is i want the vessel back but don't want to burn the candle since the scent is so off. I did email support they said they would send a replacement but that never happened. I should add all other scents were as described.

Hi John,
Thanks for taking the time to write a review. Although we're pleased that you liked all of the other fragrances from 16/17, we are sorry that Le Jardin was not to your liking. We will have our customer service team reach out to you to find a solution.
Thank you,
Team 16/17

CDN Wicks

I am a regular costumer with you. I order 3 packs of CDN 3 wicks in July and none of them are performing like they use too. They have been struggling to stay lite. I am thinking that the wrong wicks was placed in the bags. I paid $38.19 for 3 bags. What a waste. #Verydisapointed

Hi Denise,
Thank you for your review. We will have our customer service team reach out to you to troubleshoot this wicking issue.
Team 16/17

Candle maker

They are great! Works great for my Christmas line.

My favorite wicks

Smells soooo good!

This is one of my favorite 16/17 fo’s. The CT/HT are amazing in coconut wax. I love how sophisticated and classy this smells. I only cited my tester for five days and the ht filled up my entire downstairs. This is a winner!!

Disappointed with this CDN Wicks

I bought this much more expensive wicks to use with my N3 Coconut Blend unfortunately i cant use them for my Christmas Candles until i do way more research since there is no suggested Jar Size usage for this wicks. Which is very odd to me as almost every other candle supplier includes Wick/Jar Size on their Website. Sixteen Seventeen I feel this should be something you should offer as well. I have 5 Boxes of wax in my cart that i am afraid to purchase since i dont know what wick will work good with it. TIA

Hi Maria,
We're sorry to hear that you are having difficultly with wicking. We publish wicking recommendations for each of our vessels using CDN wicks on the product page of the vessel. We will have our customer service team reach out to you to direct you to the proper area on our website.
Team 16/17

No. 7 Soy Wax Blend
Sonya Sanders

I have no problems #7 delivers.smooth tops always

Very Sultry

As the description above explains! Yes for sure true! All products was sold out ofter adding this captivating and sultry scent!

Glass spray bottles

Sophia bottles has a great aesthetic and touch of uniqueness and sophistication to room and linen sprays will be ordering more.

Love these!

These vessels are part of my candle line and I love them. Sleek color and design.

Calle 23 Fragrance Oil
Kimberly Hailey
Elegant scent

I have a lot of fragrances but nothing like this. Perfect for the holiday without screaming, “It’s Christmas.” I used it to make a votive candle first and the cold throw is amazing. I gave the candle away to someone who loved it more than me. The fragrance is not too sweet and not to spicy.

Gold Evermore Cylinder
Milena Popovich
Just beautiful

Love the vessels. Love the gold with the lid. I will enjoy making my holiday candles. Great gift

Gorgeous, heavy, screams luxury!!! I will say that the new gold lids that can fit these vessels are slightly off in color with the rim in case you were like me and wanted to get them to match. I'm trying to look past it but I can't lol.

Gold Metal Lid
Gemma Reid(Gems Crystal Moonlit)
Evermore Cylinder and Gold metal lid

Beautiful as always. Very classy and elegant. I’m always satisfied with my order.


These vessels are stunning. So happy I bought the bundle.
Ty 16/17.

Love It

I absolutely love this bundle! I purchased it in order to test the cylinders and the number 3 wax. The evermore vessels are timeless, I received many compliments and can’t wait to implement them into my business. The wax is top notch, the smoothness is mind blowing!! I’m new to 1617’s fragrances but I was not disappointed. I got Malevolent and used it at 10%. Amazing kit, definitely worth it!

CDN Wick Sample Pack
Rebekah Dailey
Haven’t tried yet…

Would be nice if there was a wick
Chart. I have no idea where to even start with these. What size wick for what size vessel and wax?

Hi Rebekah,
Thanks for taking time to write a review. The CDN wick suggestions for each of our vessels and waxes are located on each vessel's product page. We are also happy to assist with wicking questions via phone and email. Please reach out to us at or by telephone at (925) 826-5212 if you need further assistance.
Thank you!
Team 16/17


This red candle makes get in the Holiday season. Nice!

Emerald Kaleidoscope

Just so beautiful! This vessel is gorgeous and so affordable. Another great product from Sixteen Seventeen as always. ;)


Current, sophisticated, elegant……just like my company. Thank you, Vanessa and the 16/17 family!