West Coast Collection is inspired by tumbled sea glass and is available in a variety of seasonal colors and sizes. On trend and vibrant, our West Coast colors are inspired and evocative. Each color and finish is hand selected by Sixteen Seventeen, for a unique and exclusive candle glass collection. Your clients will enjoy each color individually, or all colors as a set. Each glass comes with a handcrafted bamboo lid. This collection is sold by the case.

See Bulk Rates on each product page.

Our expanded Autumn collection is expected this August and boasts a stunning array of your favorite classics, coupled with our new seasonal pallet of trending shades. Stay tuned---we've got your Fall line covered!

Tested West Coast medium size with Soy Bliss Wax, we used 1 CDN 5 or CDN 6 wick.

Tested West Coast large cylinder with  double CDN 4.

Tested West Coast large bowl with triple CDN 3 and quad CDN 2.

Our customers have shared that they also find success with Premier 755 and 760. Wood Wick users suggest .02 Crackling Booster wick 0.5 width.