Sunkissed Matte Evermore Cylinder


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Burnished sand meets bronze, making 'Sunkissed' the perfect neutral in our Nudes Collection. The soft matte exterior provides a modern vibe to this classic cylinder.

We offer wood lids for a polished finish.

Evermore cylinders are reusable and upcycleable. Take care not to scrape or scratch the exterior paint when handling and cleaning.

Wicking Info: Tested with our Coconut-Soy Pearl, we liked 2 CDN size 3 or 4 wicks best. Note that the fragrance oil you choose can effect your wicking. Please perform your own wick testing for safety and performance.


4.13 inches height (exterior)

4.13 inches diameter (exterior)

3.75 inches height (interior)

3.93 inches diameter (interior)

Recommended Fill: 13 to 14 oz 

Weight of empty glass: 17.5 oz

Customer Reviews

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Jarekhye Covarrubias
These jars are perfect

Originally I was against these jars because I was voting for the gloss version. However, when I went to the studio and saw these I had to add them to my line