Size 5 CDN Wicks - 6 In.


CDN wicks are wonderful for Natural Wax Blends. Treated with a second mineral salt bath, they tend to burn cooler than CD wicks in most waxes. CDN wicks curl to an approximate 30 degree angle, while CD wicks curl to a 90 degree angle. The lesser angle of the CDN wick tends to create a flame with a smaller base. These wicks are wonderful for nuanced wicking issues, allowing for a truly perfect burn.

Our CDN wicks are coated with 210 degree paraffin wax, which means that the wick will not be rendered raw when pouring at hot temperatures. This wick has a wide 20 mm base and a 6 mm safety neck. 

Customer Reviews

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Desiree Coleman
CDN 5 Wicks

I really like the CDN 5 Wick. However I am testing them in a straight sided 9 oz jar. That holds 7 oz of wax. I believe I need to try the CDN 4 wicks to see how they work. Which means other purchase from Sixteen Seventeen is on the way.

Jamie Mccullers

I finally found wicks and wax that work for me.I have tried making candles on and off for about 2 years now. I had given up totally with making candles at all.When I was introduced to 16/17,I said well let me give them a try.I tried the 4th of July candle set in the candle classroom section from 16/17 with the apricot coconut wax and the CDN 5 wicks.I let them set for 2 weeks which is always hard for me.Im always anxious to burn my new creations to see how well they did.The 4th of July candle set was a success. My candles have a strong hot throw,no tunneling, no sooting and a full melt pool.Im so excited to try making more now.
Thanks 16/17

Frances Buel
Worked great

Used with soy bliss,,worked 👍

Erika Siclovan
Great to use in multi-wick containers

They work perfectly! Thin enough in size to evenly space apart.

Roberta Thielen

I used the cdn 5 with coconut apricot wax and all it did was tunnel. Any suggestions?

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FO type and FL
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