Noir Eclipse


Elegant, refined, and versatile, our Noir Eclipse candle glass is this year's staple piece. Chic and polished, with a thick, heavy sham that lends grandeur to this noble vessel. 

Recommended Fill: 8 oz

Height: 4 inches

Diameter: 2.75 inches

Empty Weight: 13 oz

We recommend to begin testing with our CDN 5 or CDN 6 using any of our waxes. Please remember that your fragrance oil will affect your wicking. You may need to size up or down depending on your fragrance oil choice.

Customer Reviews

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Ewa Sterczewski
The beauty of this vessel

Im planning on ordering this vessel , it is stunning. I have a question: the white stripe visible on a photo on the bottom of this vessel, is this a really white stripe or this is just a glare ? thank so much

Hi Ewa!
Thank you for your purchase. The white stripe you describing is an optical illusion. I believe you are referring to the thick glass base, which is visible and makes the jar truly stand out!

Sleek + Phenomenal

This vessel is a dream!!!! I have been looking all over for the right vessel that would suit my Luxx Goddess Crystal Candle line up. This makes it pop in a way that it’s nothing short of a match made in heaven & devine perfection. I do have to master the wicking part as I used my normal wood wick and it ran hotter with this vessel but overall... I can literally sit and stare at the vessel all day... it’s just that beautiful 🤩 can’t wait to complete this luxury candle experience 🥂