What Does Tested, Tried + True Mean?

Our candle-making supplies have been extensively tested for performance, safety, and quality. When we say that our products are Tested, Tried + True, here's what we mean...

Our Fragrance Oils: 

Sixteen Seventeen fragrance oils for candle making are perfume-grade fragrances that are also skin safe, (see our IFRA guidelines for each category). Our designer fragrances are specially formulated for candle making, resulting in a superior product that has exceptional hot throw, a complex and sophisticated scent profile, and perfect performance in candles with minimal mushrooming. Each of our fragrances are created in-house and go through rigorous testing before they are released. We are extremely committed to offering unique, beautiful, and powerful fragrances, and are willing to take the time to test and reformulate as needed. In fact, many of our fragrances have taken over one year in development!

Our Vessels:

Our unique vessels for candle making have undergone extensive testing before being brought to market, so that you, dear maker, have a smooth and joyful experience. We wick test our vessels, using our waxes, wicks, and fragrance oils, so we can give solid advise to our clients. This is why when you follow the 16/17 formula, your wick testing is a short and painless experience. We want you to have less testing time and more pouring time, which is exactly what our Tested, Tried + True method delivers!

Our Waxes:

Our unique, custom blended waxes are the pinnacle of container blends on the market today. 16/17 waxes are superior to every container blend on the market and our clients agree, (check out the rave reviews!). When we designed our No. 3 Coconut wax to complement our already popular No. 7 Soy wax, we did so with intention. Through our rigorous testing process and mindful development, we created No. 3 Coconut wax to wick exactly the same as our No. 7 Soy wax. This means that you can switch between waxes and change nothing else in your formula, including your wicks. Game changer!

Our Wicks:

Our wicks are hands down the BEST performing wicks using 16/17 custom wax blends. We have tested thousands of candles using our wicks and we are extremely knowledgable and able to guide our clients through complicated, or nuanced, wicking issues.

Candle Making Accessories:

From wick centering tools and stabilizing tops, to lids and spray bottles, 16/17 tests, (and uses in our daily work), each accessory item we offer to you. It is a rule at 16/17 that our products must be innovative AND well tested.

We believe that our clients deserve to purchase supplies from a company who takes the necessary time to thoroughly test its products. This is what you get as a 16/17 client!

March 06, 2023 — Vanessa McGee