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Make Coconut Wax Candles Using SP487

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Many of you have asked us about our special blend using Coconut 83 and SP 486 wax. So we decided to add a video using the sister-blend of the SP 486---the SP 487! This is a fantastic wax and we LOVE working with it. Allow me to address the obvious questions before we get into the nuts and bolts of this formula. Which one do I like better? And what’s the point of adding waxes to other waxes?

I like both of these blends equally. Not much help, huh? So here’s the deal…In my opinion, the SP 486 blend has a very slight edge in hot throw, but it’s miniscule. The SP 487 blend will give you slightly smoother tops with less chance of cracking around the edge of the container. I think they are both fantastic, and hope that you will try them both!

The purpose of adding other waxes to Coconut 83 is that it can increase the hot throw, and help with wicking. The hot throw is noticeably better, and I am able to wick up slightly, which I like. Coconut 83 on its own wicks a little wild, and I find the addition of these waxes helps stabilize the wicking.

Both of these waxes are made by Strahl and Pitsch, and are currently only available at Swan’s Candles located in Washington state. As of today, June 17th, 2020, Swans Candles is sold out of both SP waxes. They will be back in stock by the end of next week. These waxes are vegetable waxes, and I am told that the only difference between the two is that the SP 486 contains some beeswax, while the SP 487 does not. Please understand that these waxes are patented and the manufacturer does not share their formulas, so information regarding content may change over time. You have to sort of take their word for it, and this information is the most up-to-date available to me at this time.

In this video, I have shown two recipes using both sizes of the Moulin Rouge glass, available only at Sixteen Seventeen. Please make sure to test your own candles. Even though these recipes work wonderfully for me, and I have made them many times, testing is the only responsible course of action for all candle makers. Plus, we learn so much from testing! It’s a valuable and necessary step.

Please watch our short video to better understand our process. Below you will find the recipes for the two candles featured in the video. These waxes like to be poured hot, around 220 degrees Fahrenheit, so please watch that presto pot! Remember, it is much easier to make a big batch of wax rather than measure your wax out for each candle. I like to make 100 oz batches in my presto pot, and save the leftover wax for the next time I want to test a candle using a particular wax recipe. In this case, I would melt 75 oz Coconut 83 and 25 oz SP487.

Ruby Red ‘Balsam Cedar’ Candle:

75% Coconut 83

25% SP 487

12% Balsam Cedar fragrance oil from Scentsational Soaping Supply

Two LX 14 Wicks

Tiffany Blue ‘Sugar Plum Berries’ Candle:

75% Coconut 83

25% SP 487

12% Sugar Plum Berries fragrance oil from Scentsational Soaping Supply

Two LX 10 Wicks

Balsam Cedar Candle weighs 15 oz; the total weight of the wax and the fragrance oil combined is 15 oz. Here is how we calculate our formula for the first candle using 12% fragrance load:

15 oz x .12 = 1.8 oz fragrance oil

15 – 1.8 = 13.2 oz total wax

13.2 x .75 = 9.9 oz Coconut 83 wax

13.2 x .25 = 3.3 oz SP 487 wax

The second candle, in the 8 oz Moulin Rouge in Tiffany Blue, uses a 12% fragrance load, and the total weight of the candle, (wax and fragrance oil combined), is 8 oz.  Here is how we calculate this formula:

8 oz  x .12 =  1 oz fragrance oil

8 – 1 = 7 oz wax

7 x .75 = 5.25 oz Coconut 83

7 x .25 = 1.75 oz SP 487

Please watch our YouTube video for instructions.

Here's Where We Got "The Stuff"

The Moulin Rouge Glass is available at Sixteen Seventeen

We purchased our Coconut 83 at California Candle Supply, although there are several other suppliers as well. It is often most cost effective to find the supplier closest to you.

We purchased SP 487 at Swans Candle Supply:

We purchased both fragrance oils at Scentsational Soaping Supply

We purchased our LX 14 wicks at Candle Science

We purchased our LX 10 wicks at Keystone Candle Supply

Since Keystone is out of stock of the LX 10s as of 6/17/2020, visit this link to Bitter Creek to purchase.

June 18, 2020 — Vanessa McGee