New Wax Formula Using Trattoria Glass!

We love to blend wax, and enjoy this creative process immensely. If you have not done a lot of blending, it can feel overwhelming. You may wonder where to start, and how does this work?

Our recipes are designed to be an easy introduction to blending, and a way for you to work with some new waxes, and gain a bit of knowledge along the way. Feel free to ‘riff’ on these recipes; you never know what wonderful discoveries you might make! Please always make sure to do your own wick testing.

Our latest formula combines coconut wax, paraffin, and a universal soy additive. Although we are using 10% fragrance oil in these recipes, this wax can handle 12%, in our opinion.

This is a 100% recipe. This means that we are adding our soy modifier in addition to the full recipe at 100%.

The easiest way to approach this is to make a large amount of wax in your presto pot. In this case, 110 oz. Add 60 oz (60%) Coconut 83, 40 oz (40%) 6046, and 10 oz (an additional 10%) Universal Soy Modifier. We like to do it this way because it makes it easy to adjust the amount of our additive if we want to play around with the recipe. You can simply save any leftover wax, or leave it in your presto pot for next time.

Trattoria Glass in ‘Blush’ with Peony Petals Fragrance Oil from Sweet Cakes

60% Coconut 83

40% 6046

10% Universal Soy Additive

10% Fragrance Oil

2 LX 10 wicks

Trattoria Glass in ‘Sterling’ with Tuberose Deluxe from Sweet Cakes

60% Coconut 83

40% 6046

10% Universal Soy Additive

10% Fragrance Oil

2 LX 10 wicks

This recipe utilizes soy additive to add significant hardness to a soft wax recipe. It also improves wicking. This will provide a fantastic hot throw after a 2-3 week cure. You will enjoy the hot throw after a couple of days, but for maximum hot throw, curing is necessary.

Please watch our YouTube video for full details.

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Where To Purchase:

Trattoria Glass at

We purchased Coconut 83 at Cal Candle Supplies

We purchased 6046 at Candle Science

We purchased Universal Soy Additive at The Candlemaker’s Store

We purchased Peony Petals and Tuberose Deluxe at Sweet Cakes

We purchased LX 10 wicks (6 inch) at Keystone Candle Supplies

July 28, 2020 — Charles Hernandez