How to Make Candles Using Metal Bowls

Watch our YouTube video for complete details of the recipe and to hear the 16/17 origin story!

In this video we make two candles: a 26 oz Five-wick candle using our Gloss White Metal Bowl, and a 12 oz Four-wick candle using our Matte Black Metal Bowl. 

This video features two of our designer fragrance oils for candle making, Kathmandu and Persephone. Our fragrance oils are formulated for candle making and are extensively tested by us, (which means perfect performance for you!).

Recipe for 26 oz Candle in White Metal Bowl:

23.4 oz Soy Bliss Wax

2.6 oz Persephone Fragrance Oil

(5) CDN Size 5 Wicks

Recipe for 12 oz Candle in Matte Black Bowl:

10.8 oz Soy Bliss Wax

1.2 oz Kathmandu Fragrance Oil

(4) CDN Size 4 Wicks

Please watch the video for complete instructions.

We always suggest heating our Soy Bliss wax slightly above 200 degrees Fahrenheit, which allows you to add our fragrance oil at, or close to, 200 degrees. This will help the fragrance and wax to properly bind.

* A note about CDN wicks:

If we are out of stock of the size you are looking for, CDN wicks are available through other suppliers as well as 16/17. Just make sure that you are ordering CDN wicks that are coated with a high melt point paraffin coating, rather than a "natural" wax coating. While both wicks will burn beautifully, our wicking recommendations are based on CDN wicks with a high melt point paraffin coating, and other coatings will burn differently.


January 08, 2022 — Vanessa McGee