Making a Luxury 16 oz Candle

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Large 16 oz Moulin Rouge Recipe and Wicking Instructions:

You will need:

Large 16 oz Moulin Rouge Jar (choose your favorite color!)

14.4 oz Coconut Soy Pearl wax

Two CDN size 5 wicks

1.6 oz Fragrance oil (we used Balsam Cedar from Scentsational Soaping Supply)

Wick Stickers

Evermore Cylinder Wik_Kit

Candle Making Tools:

Presto Pot

Infrared Thermometer

Digital Scale

Pouring Pitcher

Stirring Spoon

Melt the Coconut Soy Pearl wax in the presto pot until the temperature reaches 220 Fahrenheit. While the wax is melting, wick the large Moulin Rouge using double CDN size 5 wicks. Use our ‘Evermore Cylinder’ Wik_Kit to center the wicks and stabilize them during the pour.

Weigh 14.4 oz of wax into the pouring pitcher and immediately add the 1.6 oz of fragrance oil. Stir for 15-20 seconds and pour into the Moulin Rouge jar.

You may use any fragrance oil of your choice that is formulated for candle making. Please note that the fragrance oil you choose can effect your wicking, and you may need to wick up or wick down depending on the fragrance oil you choose.

Allow the wax to fully set up before moving your candle. You may burn your candle the next day, but this wax needs up to two full weeks to cure and develop a mature hot and cold throw. You may notice changes in wicking after the candle has fully cured.

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XOXO Vanessa

July 23, 2021 — Vanessa McGee