Making a Double-Wicked Soy Candle

In this video we show you how to make a beautiful double wicked candle using our Evermore cylinder. The secret to an effortlessly perfect candle is our exclusive Soy Bliss wax. A sophisticated blend of soy waxes, accompanied by a small amount of food-grade paraffin, Soy Bliss will give you smooth tops with every pour and a powerful hot throw for a luxurious candle. A truly one-pour wax, Soy Bliss requires no heat gunning, pour overs, or preheating your jars. It is 'blissful' indeed, and makes pouring candles fun again!

We also introduce our new fragrance oil, Florencia, a modern, white floral bouquet, with a warm and addictive finish. Florencia is rounded with base notes of Tongan vanilla and dark narcissus. Florencia is perfume quality and made with plant-based materials that allow for a sublimely sophisticated, and long-lasting, bouquet.

You will need:

One Evermore Cylinder (any color)

Two CDN size 3 wicks

11.7 oz Soy Bliss wax

1.3 oz Florencia fragrance oil

4 inch cylinder Wik_Kit

3.75 inch Dust Cover (optional)

Heat wax in a presto pot until the temperature is between 215-220 degrees Fahrenheit. While your wax is melting, (keep an eye on it---presto pots heat quickly!), wick your Evermore cylinder using the wick centering tool in your Wik_Kit. Please clean the Evermore cylinder using glass cleaner prior to adhering the wick stickers. This will help the wicks stay in place when you pour the hot wax into the jar. Stabilize the wicks using the wick stabilizing top.

Measure 1.3 oz Florencia fragrance oil and set aside.

Weigh 11.7 oz of Soy Bliss wax into your pouring pitcher. It’s ideal if the temperature of the wax is at, or slightly above, 200 degrees Fahrenheit when you add the fragrance oil. Add the fragrance oil and stir for about 20 seconds. Pour into the Evermore cylinder immediately.

Let your candle cure for two weeks. This is VERY important for a mature hot throw.

Thanks for watching!

XOXO Vanessa

September 18, 2021 — Vanessa McGee