Make The Monaco!


Watch Our YouTube Video For Complete Instructions.


We love the Monaco Ceramic. It is classic and versatile, with just the right amount of pop! This timeless ceramic candle container is easy to wick, hides adhesion issues, and is substantial enough to fill a large area with gorgeous fragrance.


The Monaco will comfortably hold 12 to 13 oz of wax, and we recommend triple wicking this beauty. We used our special blend of Coconut 83 and Coconut 2 wax, three LX 10 wicks, and Candle Science’s ‘Orange Blossom’ fragrance oil at 12%.


The Recipe:


80% Coconut 83

20% Coconut 2

12% Fragrance Oil

Three LX 10 Wicks


We are making a 12 oz candle; the total weight of the wax and the fragrance oil combined is 12 oz. Here is how we calculate our formula:


12 oz x .12 = 1.44 oz fragrance oil

12 – 1.44 = 10.56 oz wax

10.56 x .80 = 8.44 oz Coconut 83

10.56 x .20 = 2.11 oz Coconut 2


Please watch our YouTube video for instructions.


We purchased our Coconut 83 at California Candle Supply, although there are several other suppliers as well. It is often most cost effective to find the supplier closest to you.


We purchased Coconut 2 at Fillmore Container:


We purchased Orange Blossom Fragrance Oil at Candle Science:


We purchased LX 10 wicks at Keystone Candles:

May 09, 2020 — Vanessa McGee