IG Live: How to Make Our Rainbow Glass

     Because June is Pride month, we have been finding inspiration in our favorite colors: the rainbow! Join us on Instagram Live and follow along as we teach you everything you need to know about creating beautiful container candles with our Rainbow Candle Glass. If you can't pick a favorite color, don't worry! For a limited time, we are offering the Rainbow Pride Pack -- a 6 pack of jars that includes every color of the rainbow. Grab your No. 7 Soy WaxSize 6 CDN Wicks, Fragrance Oils, and West Coast Wik_Kit to tune in and create an expressive masterpiece worth being proud of.


The Recipe

     Our Rainbow Candle Glass comfortably holds an 8 oz. candle. 

     When we conduct candle testing here at Sixteen Seventeen, we almost always start with a 10% fragrance load. Even though our No.7 Soy Wax can withstand a fragrance load of up to 12%, we find that (aside from being a much simpler calculation 😉) our fragrance oils perform magnificently with our wax at 10%.

No. 7 Soy Wax 7.2 oz.
Fragrance Oil 0.8 oz.
Wick Single CDN Size 6

     Clean glass is the first step to a successful candle. Aside from being unsightly in transparent candle glass, dirt and debris inside your vessel can cause adhesion issues with your wicks and your wax. Cleaning gently with dish soap and water (and a nonabrasive sponge) or glass cleaner and paper towels before wicking and pouring your candle assures that your wax and wicks will adhere as expected. 

     Next it's time to wick! Grab your single CDN Size 6 and your West Coast Wik_Kit. Take your clean jar and place the wick centering guide at the bottom of the jar, placing your wick through the center guide hole. Press down firmly on your wick tab to ensure it is securely fixed to the bottom of the glass. Once your wick is in place, invert your jar to remove the wick centering guide. After removing the wick centering guide, place your wick stabilizer on top of the jar and thread your wick, effortlessly ensuring that there is no slack in your candle's wick. 

    Now it's time to add fragrance and pour! We recommend heating our No. 7 Soy Wax slightly past 200° F, and adding Fragrance Oil no lower than 200° F. These higher temperatures help the wax and the fragrance oil bind. You will not burn off your fragrance oil, regardless of flashpoint, (this is a myth). You only need to stir in your fragrance oil for about 20 seconds and pour your candle immediately. We recommend pouring your wax and fragrance oil combination while it reads around 185° F, although this wax can be poured hotter without issue.

     Now for the most difficult step: waiting for your candle to cure! After pouring your candle, allow it to sit in a safe place to fully harden (about 24 hours). When your candle has fully hardened, you can remove your wick stabilizing tool and trim your wick to approximately 1/4". From there, we recommend allowing your candle to sit and cure for 2 weeks to produce a powerful hot throw. With our fragrance oils, we find that hot throw can be strong within just a few days, but waiting 2 weeks will allow your hot throw to fully mature into the room-filling experience we appreciate in a handmade candle.



June 09, 2022 — Danielle Black