How to Make a Candle with Gangbusters Hot Throw!


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It is the goal of most candle makers to have a finished product with exceptional hot throw. How many of you have been asked, “Can you add more scent? I want it stronger.” Ah, if only it were that easy! In this video, we give you three recipes for exceptional hot throw, and explain how we achieve this.

Please keep in mind that this is not a beginner’s video. If you have never made a candle before, we suggest that you watch some of our earlier videos that go into greater detail about the wax that we use and the process of candle making. After you have a few candles under your belt, this is a great project to try!

The four primary elements of candle making each play a part in getting a superb hot throw: the container, the wax, the wicks, and the fragrance oil. In our video we explain how each element can be well-chosen, or manipulated to increase hot throw.

Please watch our short video to better understand our process. Below you will find the recipes for the three candles featured in the video. We are using our special blend of Coconut 83 and SP 486 waxes. These waxes like to be poured hot, around 220 degrees Fahrenheit, so please watch that presto pot! Remember, it is much easier to make a big batch of wax rather than measure your wax out for each candle. I like to make 100 oz batches in my presto pot, and save the leftover wax for the next time I want to test a candle using a particular wax recipe. In this case, I would melt 75 oz Coconut 83 and 25 oz SP 486.

Mountain Meadow Honey Candle:

75% Coconut 83

25% SP 486

10% Mountain Meadow Honey Fragrance Oil from Candle Cocoon

Three LX 12 Wicks

Victorian Rose Candle:

75% Coconut 83

25% SP 486

10% Ultra Strong Victorian Rose Fragrance Oil from Northstar

Three LX 12 Wicks

Sugar Shanty Candle:

75% Coconut 83

25% SP 486

12% Sugar Shanty Fragrance Oil from Candle Cocoon

Three LX 12 Wicks

Each candle weighs 13 oz; the total weight of the wax and the fragrance oil combined is 13 oz. Here is how we calculate our formula for the first two candles using 10% fragrance load:

13 oz x .10 = 1.3 oz fragrance oil

13 – 1.3 = 11.7 oz total wax

11.7 x 75% = 8.77 oz Coconut 83 wax

11.7 x 25% = 2.92 oz SP 486 wax

The last candle, with Sugar Shanty fragrance oil, uses a 12% fragrance load. Here is how we calculate this formula:

13 oz  x .12 = 1.56 oz fragrance oil

13 – 1.56 = 11.44 oz wax

11.44 x .75 = 8.58 oz Coconut 83

11.44 x .25 = 2.86 oz SP 486

Please watch our YouTube video for instructions.

Here are links to the all the wonderful products you need to create these gorgeous candles:

The Monaco Ceramic from Sixteen Seventeen

Mountain Meadow Honey Fragrance Oil from Candle Cocoon

Victorian Rose Fragrance Oil from Northstar

Sugar Shanty Fragrance Oil from Candle Cocoon

We purchased our Coconut 83 at California Candle Supply, although there are several other suppliers as well. It is often most cost effective to find the supplier closest to you.

We purchased SP 486 at Swans Candle Supply. They are the only supplier at this time that we know of:

We purchased our LX 12 wicks from Keystone Candle Supplies, but as they are currently sold out, we a linking Northstar for these wicks:

LX 12 wicks from Northstar

Thank you for watching, and please post pictures on our Facebook and Instagram pages. We love to see what you make!

May 31, 2020 — Vanessa McGee