How to Make a Candle in the Moroccan Mini Glass

Watch our YouTube video for detailed instructions!

The Moroccan Mini is so gorgeous, and perfect for any scent profile. It is a modern, elegant update to the common tealight, and perfect for weddings and bridal showers. The Moroccan Mini is a lovely bedroom candle, and small enough to place in a bathroom as well. At Sixteen Seventeen, we provide a lovely retail box with every Moroccan Mini we sell.

Makes one 4 ounce candle


3.5 oz SC-21 Wax

.5 oz Fragrance Oil

2 Premier 730 Wicks

Wick Stickers


Tools Needed For Candle Making:

Wick Stabilizer

Pouring Pitcher

Stirring Utensil

Presto Pot

Infrared Thermometer

Digital Scale


We used “Beautiful Day” fragrance oil from Scentsational Soaping Supply:

You may use a different fragrance oil, but as always, you must wick test your candles! We found that 2 Premier 730 wicks worked beautifully in this recipe. But remember, fragrance oil can affect the wicking, so do make sure to test!


We used a 12% fragrance load, and this is how we calculate how much fragrance oil we need:

4 oz x .12 = .48 oz fragrance oil

4 oz - .48 = 3.52 oz wax


We purchased SC-21 wax at California Candle Supply:


We purchased our Premier 730 wicks from Aztec Candle Supply:


We purchased our wick stickers from Candle Science:


And, of course, the Moroccan Mini is available only at Sixteen Seventeen!

May 09, 2020 — Vanessa McGee