Easy Triple Wicked Candle


Please watch our YouTube video for detailed instructions.

This recipe is so easy and uses readily accessible ingredients! No blending required, and you will have a lovely, and unique, finished product.

We used:

Tools you will need:

  • A digital scale
  • Presto Pot
  • Pouring pitcher
  • Thermometer
  • Stirring spoon
  • Wick stickers (we buy ours from Candle Science)

A word about the wicks we are using:

We used CDN wicks available at Sixteen Seventeen. CDN wicks are specially treated with a second mineral salt bath that retards combustion, making them burn a little bit cooler in most waxes. We find that they actually burn a touch hotter in the Coconut Apricot wax, which is interesting! These wicks are fabulous for nuanced wicking. As coconut wax users know, you may find your candle is in between wick sizes, making the perfect burn impossible to achieve. We find that CDN wicks are often the answer to our wicking prayers, and think they ought to be in every candle maker’s line-up. Our CDN wicks are specially treated with a high temperature wax coating, which means that the coating will not be stripped off when you pour your wax at higher temperatures. Our wicks have a 20 mm base for stability, and a 6 mm safety neck. The safety neck will help the wicks to self-extinguish before the candle burns all the way to the bottom of the jar. Sixteen Seventeen CDN wicks are 6 inches in length and sold in packs of 10 or 100 units.


  • 6.2 oz Coconut Apricot wax
  • 8 oz (12%) ‘Christmas Bliss’ fragrance oil from Rustic Essentuals
  • 3 CDN size 2 wicks
  • Crystal Carousel Jar from Sixteen Seventeen


Weigh 6.2 oz of Coconut Apricot wax and place in your Presto Pot. Turn the heat on very low, and heat to 215 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep a close eye on your Presto Pot---they get hot quickly! While your wax is melting, wash your Crystal Carousel jar, and place the wicks in a triangular shape using wick stickers. Press down firmly and secure with wick stabilizers.

When the wax has reached 215 F, measure 6.2 oz into your pouring pitcher. You want the wax to be at least 200 degrees once in the pouring pitcher. This temperature will help your fragrance oils bind with your wax, (it’s a coconut wax thing!). Add 0.8 oz of fragrance oil, and stir for 15-20 seconds. Pour immediately into the Crystal Carousel jar.

Remember, you must do your own wick testing before you sell or give away your candle! Always do a power burn for added safety.

It’s best to let Coconut Apricot wax cure for 2-3 weeks for maximum hot throw. It is fine to wick test 24-48 hours later.

Thank you for watching and happy candle making!

September 24, 2020 — Vanessa McGee