Custom Fragrance Blending Tutorial

Custom Fragrance Blending with Coconut Wax

Please watch our YouTube video for complete instructions for this fragrance blending project.

You will need:

7.2 oz Coconut Soy Pearl wax available at

(2) CDN size 2 Wicks available at

(1) Moulin Rouse medium size in ‘Bisque Translucent’ from

Moulin Rouge Wik_Kit from

Fraser Fir fragrance oil from Candle Science

White Magnolia fragrance oil from Bramble Berry

Additional candle making tools used in our video include:

Presto Pot

Wick Stickers

Pouring Pitcher

Rubber Spatula


Digital Scale

Plastic Pipettes

Small Glass or Shot Glass

Melt 7.2 oz of Coconut Soy Pearl wax, keeping a close eye on it, until it reaches 220 degrees F.

While your wax is melting, combine your fragrance oils. We used a 10% fragrance load, based on how we calculate:

Total candle (wax + fragrance oil) equals 8 oz.

8 x 10% = 0.8 oz total fragrance oil.

We used 7% Fraser Fir and 3% White Magnolia.

8 x 7% = 0.56 oz Fraser Fir

8 x 3% = 0.24 oz White Magnolia

Weigh your fragrance oils and set aside.

Time to wick your jar! Gently clean the Moulin Rouge glass using Windex or soap and water. Dry completely. Using the wick centering tool in the Moulin Rouge Wik_Kit, center and anchor your wicks, (wick stickers work great!). Remove the centering tool, press down on the wick tabs to secure, and clip the wicks into the wick stabilizing top. Now you are ready to pour.

Weigh 7.2 oz of Coconut Soy Pearl wax into your pouring pitcher. Add your fragrance oil, (make sure your wax temp is NOT below 200 degrees F). Stir for 15-20 seconds and pour immediately into the Moulin Rouge jar. Allow the candle to cure for two weeks for maximum hot throw.

Thanks for watching and happy making!

XOXO Vanessa

July 10, 2021 — Vanessa McGee