Advanced Fragrance Blending: IG Live

     As chandlers, we all know how important it can be to stand out from the rest of the competition. Designer Vessels and accessories like Dust Covers or Candle Lids can elevate any design, but it's no secret that the true driving factor behind a consumer's final decision is fragrance. Our Fragrance Oils are tested, tried, and true to provide Killer Hot Throw on their own in combination with our CDN Wicks and No. 7 Soy Wax Blend, but have you ever wondered how to take them to the next level?

     Because fragrance preference is subjective, sometimes fragrances straight out of the bottle can feel like they only reach a glimmer of their true potential. Luckily, fragrance oils that don't speak to us on their own don't have to be tossed aside and dismissed. An uninspired fragrance can be transformed when combined with complementary scents to create a unique concoction that is sure to rouse the senses. 

     Join Vanessa and Miguel on Instagram Live as they divulge our favorite scent combinations and walk you through the recipe for a 16 oz Soy Candle in our Large French Cut Candle Glass

The Recipe

Our Large French Cut Vessel comfortably holds a 16 oz. Candle
No. 7 Soy Wax (90%) 14.4 oz.
Total Fragrance Oil (10%) 1.6 oz.
Wicking Double CDN Size 5

Let's Blend!

     This week we created two candles, each with their own unique fragrance oil combination. The first candle we poured into our Alabaster French Cut Vessel with an 80/20 blend of You Wish and Egomaniacal Green. Our formula is as follows:


No. 7 Soy Wax (90%) 14.4 oz
You Wish Fragrance Oil (8%) 1.28 oz
Egomaniacal Green Fragrance Oil (2%) 0.32 oz
Total Candle 16 oz
     We felt that our second fragrance mixture paired well with our Obsidian French Cut Vessel, consisting of equal parts You Wish, Mayfield, And Calle 23:


No. 7 Soy Wax (90%) 14.4 oz
You Wish Fragrance Oil (3.3%) 0.528 oz
Mayfield Fragrance Oil (3.3%) 0.528 oz
Calle 23 Fragrance Oil (3.3%) 0.528 oz
Total Candle 16 oz


Grab your 16 oz French Cut Vessel, your 4 Inch Wik_Kit, your CDN Size 5 Wicks, and your Fragrance Oil Sampler Trios and join in on the fun!


Advanced Fragrance Oil Blending - Sixteenseventeen's Instagram Live

July 01, 2022 — Danielle Black